20 y.o CANCER 1997.7.16 PROUD BISEXUAL

hello my name is amber, i'm a girl and i live in canada! i also really love idols. my favorite idol is kishimoto yumeno from tsubaki factory. please check my oshimen list to see which other idols i love! i speak fluent english, dutch and have basic knowledge in german and japanese. besides idols i'm really into various bands, artists and groups such as shinsei kamattechan, halmens, sayonara mata kondo ne, uchoten, seiko oomori, creepy nuts, daoko, suiyoubi no campanella and ziyoou vachi. i also have a passion for classical music and modern pianists like phillip glass. add me on last.fm to see if we have something in common! music related things aside, i also game and draw once in a while. my favorite game genre are fps's, fighting, and horror survival games such as outlast and resident evil. check out my tsubaki factory fan site & my site for yumeno unofficial pictures too! let's chat sometime!